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Declaration of The Intellectual Platform on Aging in Fukuoka

2008.03.16 (Sun)

(福岡エイジング・プラットフォーム宣言 英語版)

Declaration of
The Intellectual Platform on Aging in Fukuoka

We are alive in the time in which the population carries out low birthrate and longevity in Asia/Pacific region. We, knowledgeable persons, gathered in Fukuoka and discussed the perspective, in which we will be able to surf on the big wave of aging.

・It is important for us to recognize the aging not in the negative one but in the positive one. In order to enable everyone to live forever vigorously in one’s latter life, we discussed about “Rules for Health on Positive Aging”, and we will tackle together on the medical checkup, the health enhancement, the social participation such as the intergenerational exchange program and the activation of moral culture.

・Older persons with active life style will be given many opportunities in aging. It has been a subject to establish senior-friendly communities with life support programs applied of developing technologies. Beyond mutual differences, we recognized the importance of aiming at ”Making Relationship Collaborative for Older Persons with Active Lifestyle”.

・Aging has big influence on business environment, such as the labor market and the commodity market. In order to realize the huge “Possibility of Asian Aging Businesses”, we realized the necessity of establishing the intellectual platform tackling to aging by the industry, the academic, and the public jointly.

Based on the above, we will declare the establishing of a platform in Fukuoka-city as an intellectual base for researches, studies, teachings, and business incubations in order to surf the big wave of aging occurring in Asia/Pacific.

March 10, 2008
All Participants Concerned
Opening Commemoration International Symposium
Non-Profit Organization Asian Aging Business Center
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